Hire an Intern


  1. The interns are available to serve for 3 months; 15 hours weekly only.
  2. Interns are available to work remotely only.
  3. Organization/Individual is to pay N30,000 ($60) per month per intern: N90,000 ($180) for three months.
  4. Organization is to make the 3months commitment before the intern starts.
  5. All work done by the intern will be supervised by us to ensure they are aligned to your goals and your organization’s image.


The work processes

  • Read the terms
  • Fill the form by clicking on the button below
  • We screen and contact you to make payment
  • After confirmation of payment, we schedule you for a discovery call.
  • Suitable intern is selected
  • Intern is onboarded with your organization
  • Work begins
  • Interns send in analytical report weekly
  • Monitoring takes place every week for the first month
  • Monitoring takes place every two weeks for the second and third month
  • Interns conclude their assignment
  • Organization/Individual submits feedback on the intern.