Careers in Technology
Video Editing
Web Development
Graphic Design

It’s not just blue-collar jobs that will be replaced with technology, but white-collar jobs will be revolutionized, too. Whether that’s the role of a surgeon, entrepreneur, investment banker or corporate lawyer.

We need young people who are curious, creative and resilient. That’s what the Tech-Up Teens Bootcamp will put an emphasis on “hands-on learning” of basic digital skills as well as understanding the various careers in technology.

You may have heard that the best time to learn a second language is during childhood. It’s true! According to the Riggs Institute, a child’s brain is able to absorb greater amounts of information than adults.

Our courses use a project-based learning pedagogy, and there are in-course assessments. This frees the students up to take creative and intellectual risks while they work on projects that are meaningful to them. At the end of most classes, the students have completed original work that they can share – whether that’s creating and editing their own video, publishing a website or having an online portfolio of their graphic work.

Most importantly, they will be well informed about careers in technology so they can make informed choices.

August 8th - September 2nd, 2022
Classes will be held virtually
You have options to select the morning or evening session