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Techy Train Incubator (TTI) is dedicated to fostering a future where African women are empowered, self-sufficient, and pivotal in shaping the digital landscape. Our mission seamlessly blends the strengths of our non-profit foundation and business entity to create a robust ecosystem that nurtures, educates, and integrates women into the burgeoning tech world.

We are a social enterprise dedicated to hacking gender unemployment by providing innovative solutions for companies to grow and scale, while also empowering African women with invaluable job opportunities and comprehensive digital skills training.

At Techy Train Incubator, we believe in a future where African women are not just participants but leaders in the technology sector. Our dual approach – through the Techy Train Incubator Foundation and the Techy Train Incubator Ltd – is designed to unlock this potential.

Techy Train Incubator

Benefits of hiring remotely

Access highly-vetted and curated global talent.
Leverage technology to manage and monitor remote work in real-time.
Save up to 40%
Hire in days instead of weeks.
Increase productivity while reducing expenses.
Hire trained and certified experts to expand your business.

Hire top professionals from multiple areas of expertise.

If the job can be done digitally, we have the right professionals for you! Our talent pool includes marketing experts and writers, data analysts, UI/UX programmers, developers, animators, translators, and more.

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Enabling businesses to harness the immense potential of top female tech talent and manage their teams transparently and collaboratively.


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