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In some parts of Africa, educating the girl child is seen as a waste.

Girl education is important for a nation’s development. The most African country has taken responsibility to support the girl child education.

There has been lots of advocacy about educating the public on the importance of educating the girl child.

This article is looking at the girl’s child and STEM education.

STEM education is a curriculum on the idea of educating students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In STEM education, children are offered real-time learning experiences and practical applications which help in shaping their thinking.

It is necessary to give men and women equal opportunities to pursue a career in STEM, which gives women the opportunity to explore their genius and performance in the workforce.

Why is STEM education important to a girl child?

1. Building gender gaps in the workplace. There is gender stereotype in the workplace where some jobs are being considered jobs for males and some for females. For example, it has been observed that mathematics and some science subject are being seen as subjects for boys which is not meant to be. Encouraging stem education helps in encouraging both boys and girls to take up learning all these subjects.

2. It encourages a child to be a critical thinker and problem solver. Critical thinking and problem-solving are important skills in life and career. Stem education helps a girl child to develop these skills, it creates a solid foundation for them.

3. It gives girls and women the opportunity to thrive in the workspace. When a girl child is introduced to stem education at an early age, it gives the girl child to pursue a career in STEM and thrive in it which also helps to narrow the gender pay gap.
4. It gives girls and women the opportunity to contribute to national development. Women lives to be part of the change, introducing them to STEM early in life makes them contribute their ideas and knowledge to the development of a nation.

The problem of educating girls children in STEM

According to history, the field of STEM has been dominated by males and this has created a wide gap in females being educated in STEM.

1. Society stereotypes. It is generally believed that science subjects are for boys, mathematics is for boys, engineering career is for boys. This notion has wired the brain of girls and has made them think less of themselves as being capable of pursuing a career in STEM. The solution to this is to change the narrative by encouraging girls to do well in these subjects.

2. Lack of role models. There are few women in this field which makes it difficult for girls to see people to model. They do not have people to inspire them in this field.

3. Lack of facilities to teach the subject. Some developing countries like Africa lack some basic facilities to teach these subjects making it boring for children and also it doesn’t give them room to explore.

How to encourage girls to participate in stem education.

1. Find role models in the stem that girls can look up to. Hoping through life alone can be difficult, having career success can be used up if there is a presence of a role model. Knowing what their interest is in and finding people in that area they can look up to who can guide them and share their story with them on this journey.

2. Encourage a growth mindset. When teachers encourage a growth mindset in girls, it helps them bust the stereotype of boys are the only ones who can have q career in STEM. Understand the area of interest of STEM in girls and encourage them to put in more effort.

3. Create a great learning experience. When the learning environment is conducive, children thrive well. Resources needed, stem teachers and a conducive environment help a great learning system.

4. Expose girls to information at an early age. Girl Child should have access to information about STEM. Everything they need to know from studying to having a career in STEM. Engage them I discussed on this topic. This guides them in choosing a course of study and also the confidence to discuss with their teachers and guidance.

Everyone is saddle with the responsibility of encouraging girls to study and build a career in STEM.

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