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Every woman needs to be in control of her own money. Every woman needs to be aware of her finance. A woman’s money is the money she earns herself, not the one given to her by her husband or any other person. It is the money she got from her investment, business or job.

When a woman has her own money, she becomes independent, she has freedom.

Reasons Why you need to have your own money as a woman.

There are different reasons why a woman needs to have her own money, some are highlighted below.

1. Confidence. Taking charge of your money as a woman gives you confidence. Being able to work, make money, save and invest helps you to be in total control of your life and this brings confidence and fulfilment.

2. Unhealthy relationships. Some women have refused to end some unhealthy relationships just because they do not have their own money. Some have even gone ahead to get married because they cannot leave because of finances. Having your money helps you to decide to leave an unhealthy relationship. It is never a good thing for a woman to depend on a man for money, she will not be able to leave an abusive relationship just because she cannot stand on her own.

3. Helping other people. As a woman, you can have the responsibility of helping other family members, but this cannot be possible if you do not have your own money. Having your own money positions you as a help for others less privileged.

4. It increases their self-worth. Being able to make your own money increases your self worth as a woman. You don’t have to settle for less, you are more respected. You are free to take any decision without holding back. You can secure a great future for yourself.

5. You won’t feel guilty about spending. Having your money makes you not feel guilty to spend since you work hard for it. You are free to spend the money on what pleases you without an atom of guilt. Some women can feel guilty about how much they spent and on what they spend it if the money is not theirs. Having your own money brings an end to this type of feeling.

We have seen a few reasons why a woman needs to have her own money. Apart from doing a 9-5 job, how else can a woman make money?

We already know that as a woman, it is not easy to juggle many things together. It is even better if you are still single as there are fewer responsibilities but making money as a married woman or woman with children is very challenging today.

It is not easy for a woman to combine many duties as a mother and wife with other things that can earn her money.

The woman’s mindset is very important when it comes to issues of money. A woman may know that she needs money but do not trust her ability to make money. Or she may look at every reason why she can’t make money herself. All these objections can be dealt with starting with having a positive mindset.

Some few things a woman can do to earn her money

1. You can make money by having a side hustle. You can work online as a virtual assistance, freelance writer etc
2. You can make money by working at your free time. You can take it up. extra jobs or businesses if you have a skill like baking, crocheting, fashion design.
3. You can learn digital skills and earn from your home. Examples of digital skills are copywriting, content writing, graphic designing, social media management, digital marketing etc
4. You can earn money by investing. Investment is a way of earning passively. Ensure you contour due diligence before opting for any investment.
5. Selling online. You can sell physical products online or offline or you dropship if you do not have capital.

There are various opportunities available to make money as a woman, you only need to see it and take advantage of it.

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